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#8. Your Assessment Task

October 14, 2013 by MrsWinnacott   

There are two parts to you assessment in this unit (and if you’ve done your homework thoroughly you should have already completed part 1 – woot!)

1.      Research Task – Questions on Blog:

    • Shakespeare’s life (12 questions/Worth 20 marks.)
    • The Globe Theatre (10 questions/Worth 15 marks.)

2.      Oral Presentation – Shakespearean performance:

    • The second and more creative part of your assessment for this unit will be to get your Shakespeare on and perform one of the pieces provided, either on your own, with a partner, or in a group of three. You will present this to the class and be filmed.
    • You will need to know your selected piece off by heart (no notes!)


Additional details:

Research Task:

  • Both parts a and b must be completed carefully, thoughtfully and with detail. All work must be presented neatly, clearly and using correct spelling, grammar and expression. Please note that any work that is not completed as stated above will need to be resubmitted.


Oral Presentation – Shakespearean performance:

  • You will have a range of performance pieces to choose from. You only need to choose ONE.
  • Firstly, yes, you do need to know it off by heart.
  • Secondly, yes, you must perform in front of the class.
  • Thirdly, if you want to get the most out of this assessment, you need to be open minded and willing to explore the piece that you are performing- do your best to understand what you are saying and why.
  • Lastly, take care with your performance. Take your time, perform with feeling and take Shakespeare’s advice,


Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” 

(Hamlet- Act 3, Scene 3)


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