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#5. Shakespeare’s Life

September 14, 2013 by MrsWinnacott   

Shakespeare’s life, background and experiences would invariably impact on his writing. It is therefore useful for us to have an idea of where he came from, and the type of life that he lived.

Your next task is to research Shakespeare’s life and answer the following questions. Your research should equal 1-2 pages, and will be marked out of 20. The number in brackets indicates how many marks each question is worth, which will give you an idea of how much information you need to include.

Your research needs to be typed up, printed out and handed in with your name on it.

You may find some of the videos that you have already watched useful for some of your information gathering.


  1. When was William Shakespeare born? (1)
  2. Where was he born? (1)
  3. Who were his parents? (1)
  4. What did his parents do for a living? (1)
  5. Describe Shakespeare’s education. (2)
  6. How did Shakespeare first become involved in the theatre, and how did his involvement progress? (3)
  7. Did Shakespeare marry? Who did he marry? Describe their family. (3)
  8. How many plays and sonnets did Shakespeare write? (1)
  9. Which of Shakespeare’s plays are some of his most famous? List at least 5. (1)
  10. Some people argue that Shakespeare did not write all the plays and sonnets that he is credited with. What are some of the reasons that critics give for this? (2)
  11. What is so interesting about Shakespeare’s death? (1)
  12. What are three interesting facts that you found about Shakespeare, which are NOT covered by the above questions? (3)


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